Shot Blasting Material Suppliers

If you have a shot blasting machine, then there is a question as to where to fine refillable supplies. It is true that this type of work is done in an enclosed environment and shot can sometimes be cleaned and reused, but even metal beads can become deformed and it is better for the longevity of the machine if you find a new supply. If you depend on shot blasting as apart of your business, then locating shot blasting material suppliers can be a critical issue. 

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The advantages of finding a webpage that shows you the different suppliers is that it increases your options. Regular abrasive blasters use sand or grit and a shot blaster is designed to handle larger round blast that is the size of the smallest ball bearings. Real bearings are expensive while shot, even made from steel, is much cheaper and is suitable for this purpose. A selection of suppliers can save your company a lot of money.
It might be possible to find a more economical supplier or else avoid a middleman. If the supplier is closer to where you live, the cost for shipping a heavy bag might be far less. Having a selection means that it is easier to find grit or bearings of a particular size. A machine that is designed to handle heavy material is likely to have a narrower range of size, but enough of a range to make a difference in a professional operation.

The same website might also contain details on how to dispose of used grit to a recycler. A general metal recycler is one source while a dedicated manufacturing company might offer a better deal for used blast. It depends on who is offering what at the moment. If your facility has a shot cleaning operation, it likely will work to a point, after which you introduce increased wear on your machine.

A company interested in this sort of service has to prepare a surface  and often quickly. Forcing grit or shot through a machine propels a spray of mass through a hose and onto a surface of contact. It scours away material, and in the case of shot, is capable of boring indents quickly enough to engrave a surface as if holding an air brush. The reader likely already knows this, but if you are a casual reader, shot blasting is a specialized technique that can remove a lot of wood and stone from a larger object using forced air as a propellant.